If you want to donate some amount to us, than please fill the following form. Your money will be used in the holy services of our society. Our representative will get back to you after receiving your message.

We are running this portal on no-profit basis so we require a good amount of money. Even your little contribution can help someone. We are planning to expand this services to all over India as well as in whole world.

We want to planning to add more functionalities in "Husaini Shia Career And Employment Solutions" like establishing Libraries, establishing scholarship etc.

To continue our services we want your support. We are standing here and we are serving society is totally free of cost. We can't do anything without your support. We need your support. We request you to support us and make a donation as per your capabilities. Thanks.


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Currently we are providing our services over in world. We want to expand our services more better to the society that's why we need some dedicated REPRESENTATIVE for our organization. It's one kind of social services so our representative will have so many blessings because we are not working for money. It's a 100% social service. Dedicated Shia Momins are requested to join our team from all over world. Anyone who are interested from anywhere any city can apply for the Representative. It's a holy work so May Almighty Allah bless you if you work something for society.

Responsibilities of our Representative will be following;

1. Collecting Resumes of Local Shia Momins and Send those Resume to us.

2. Collecting Information of Local Shia Employer Businesses/Companies.

3. Provide support to Local Shia Momins and Employers.

4. Collecting Donations and send it to us.

5. Please note that it's a work for social service so don't ask for Salary Please.

Yes, We will provide all support and training what you need.


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